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I am a business specialist focused on aiding companies who want to make the transition to a more customer-centric business approach to create meaningful relationships and achieve sustainable growth.

At the moment I strongly focus on guiding businesses with the transition to redefine their purpose. We have entered a new era in which the need for sustainability forces us to change our consumption habits and business practices.

Therefore, defining a company’s purpose as “creating shared value” – connecting company success with social progress – is of the utmost importance. Pursuing this new growth strategy is not only good for the planet and society but also results in a positive impact on business performance.

I have developed a coherent and successful approach for business leaders and commercial managers who want to adapt this new way of thinking and direct their strategy and operation to obtain a more sustainable growth.


  • Brand relevance, – positioning and – architecture strategy
  • Definition of customer- and solution oriented business approach
  • Definition of a customer- and solution oriented sales and marketing organization
  • Coherent marketing and communications strategy
  • Sales enablement and business development aid
  • Content marketing and content strategy
  • Strategy Direction for coherent creative execution regarding brand identity, MARCOM and UX design.