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Moments of Wonder and Revitalization

For HOSPES I have redefined the 5-star luxury boutique hotel experience for their guests. I made HOSPES understand that the need for luxury of their guests was not about staying in just another beautiful ‘dream’ hotel. Their definition of luxury was changing. The ‘new luxury’ was more about having an authentic experience, and enjoying genuine moments of exploration and creativity. And thus, in order to become meaningful, I pushed HOSPES to go beyond developing the typical luxury hospitality, gastronomy, wellness and events offer. I encouraged them to create personalized hotel, restaurant and spa experiences for their guests, with focus on experiencing the discovery and opening of the senses, and delivering unique moments of wonder and revitalization.

As a result, HOSPES performed far above the average in the luxury hotel sector and it won numerous international innovation and design awards. I have been a professional sounding board and advisor to the CEO of HOSPES, defining brand purpose as the business concept and common denominator for all execution. I have aided product-service development and directed the design of the brand identity and unique artistic marketing materials.


Making a lasting contribution to business performance improvement

Because of changes in the market the security video system business of PANASONIC needed a new growth strategy. IP networked camera and integrated software solutions made it possible to go beyond security and improve other business processes. Retail marketers could obtain real-time data about customer behaviour and could improve their store performance. Logistics companies could improve their service-quality and become more pro-active towards their customers. And public transportation companies could optimize their services and significantly improve their cost-efficiency and customer-satisfaction levels. These data-driven business solutions offered a new growth opportunity to PANASONIC.

But although the brand was recognized for its product quality and system stability, both factors of utmost importance in this new market, it could not take advantage because it was lacking a proper solution approach and organization. I made Panasonic understand that unlocking and acquiring growth in this market was not only about the ability to build an integrated technology solution. It also meant developing direct customer relationships. And, in order to make these relationships meaningful, working with end-users to promote, create and operate these new system solutions together, and in doing so, having them make a lasting contribution to the business performance improvement of their company.

I aided the PANASONIC Security business leadership obtain the critical customer insight and develop the right market approach. I guided the definition of the product-service and pricing strategy, the creation of a MARCOM campaign, and the definition of the solution selling process to align the organization. I coached and enabled business development managers, and defined a content marketing strategy to support a subject matter expert positioning. As a result, the Security business re-found its way to growth.

WILEY-VCH global B2B publishing, part of John Wiley and Sons.

Creating more enlightening and trustworthy marketing campaigns

I sparked the change process and helped WILEY make the transition from a print advertising oriented business to becoming a content marketing solutions provider that is enabling customers to go beyond awareness advertising and create relevancy through content. B2B and pharmaceutical advertisers find WILEY’s content and media capabilities meaningful. It enables them to substantiate their business or product propositions with science. Because of this collaboration with WILEY they can create more enlightening and trustworthy marketing campaigns. This increases their recognition for being subject matter experts in their fields, and leads them to a better engagement with their audiences. 

As a result of this, WILEY has strengthened its market position and keeps on outperforming its competition. I have been a professional sounding board and advisor to the management of global B2B publications, delivering subject matter expertise with regard to content marketing strategy and adapting the business approach, and aiding product innovation, sales enablement and business development.